Fantasy Premier League

The new season is coming soon

of course we will show all the games as usual. And to make it more exciting, we propose you to join the Paddy O League in the Fantasy premier league game.

If you really don t get it, open your laptop, go to official EPL website ( and clic on the top right Fantasy Premier League with EA Sport logo. Or clic here (

Pick your team and join the Paddy O League with this code



every game week, we will reward the 5 best players:

  • 1st will win 6 pints of Foxes rock IPL or Red Ale (240rmb)
  • 2nd will win 6 shots of Fireball / Jager / tequila (150rmb)
  • 3rd will win 6 Tsingtao (100rmb)
  • 4th will win a goodies from Paddys
  • 5th will win 1 voucher for a bottle of wine at Cheers wine

A bottle of Jameson will reward the winner at the half season.
the big prize for the big season will be an other bottle of Jameson 🙂

Prizes are available during the next gameweek (and only during the next game week!!!)  from the Saturday to the Friday usually)
Bring your ID/passeport

Good luck!


Every game week the result can be find in here or in the fantasy forum here


Result of the Paddy O League!

  • Fantasy Premier League 2014/2015: Jambo Hardy from Top Toon
  • Fantasy Premier League 2015/2016: Jambo Hardy from Top Toon
  • Fantasy Premier League 2016/2017: Meng Foo from TiKiTaKa
  • Fantasy Premier League 2017/2018: Tim connor from Rochester United