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Fantasy Premier League

The new season is coming soon of course we will show all the games as usual. And to make it more exciting, we propose you to join the Paddy O League in the Fantasy premier league game. If you really don t get it, open your laptop, go to official …

Beer Olympics 3rd edition

This coming Friday: Beer Olympics 3rd edition, organized by the Aardvarks Ladies rugby club. Start at 19:30

Royal Wedding

10 reasons to come and watch the Royal wedding at Paddy O’Shea’s Because your invitation may have gotten lost in the post. …

Lucky Friday lost and found

Lot of people lost sobriety, voice, hope, mind, virginity… in Paddy’s the past 10 years. We are sorry, we can’t give it …

Champions League

Paddy will be open all night for all the Champions and Europa league, tonight, tomorrow and Thursday 🙂 Who is your Paddy?