Fantasy Paddy O’league

If you want to join the Paddy O league, join us with the Fantasy group chat: add us on wechat : paddyosheasbeijing

for the 6th Year, Paddy O’Shea’s propose a special Paddy O’League on the Fantasy Premier league game with a lot of Prizes.

Your are all welcome to join the Paddy O League ( ku2aza ) on the Fantasy Premier league 2019/20 game. (already more than 190 teams have joined)

If you know what i am talking about come and join us!

If you really don t get it, open your laptop, go to official EPL website ( and clic on the top right Fantasy Premier League with EA Sport logo. Or clic here (

Pick your team and join the Paddy O League with this code



Welcome to Paddy O League 2019-2020

thanks for joining the league!

every game week, we will reward the 5 best players:

  • 1st will win 6 pints of Stone IPA (330rmb)
  • 2nd will win 6 shots of Fireball / Jager / tequila (180rmb)
  • 3rd will win 6 Tsingtao (100rmb)
  • 4th will win a Voucher for TRB
  • 5th will win 1 voucher for a bottle of wine at Cheers wine

A bottle of Jameson will reward the winner at the half season.
the big prize for the big season will be an other bottle of Jameson 🙂

Prizes are available during the next gameweek (and only during the next game week!!!)  from the Saturday to the Friday usually)
Bring your ID/passeport

Good luck!


Result in the comment

Every game week the result can be find in here or in the fantasy forum here


Result of the Paddy O League!

  • Fantasy Premier League 2014/2015: Jambo Hardy from Top Toon
  • Fantasy Premier League 2015/2016: Jambo Hardy from Top Toon
  • Fantasy Premier League 2016/2017: Meng Foo from TiKiTaKa
  • Fantasy Premier League 2017/2018: Tim connor from Rochester United
  • Fantasy Premier League 2018/2019: Michael Shore from Shoreshanks


Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 5.34.39 AM  jameson-sip-me

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