Paddy’s Sport Teams Sign-up Night!

We all love sport, but we never really know what we like without trying. Moreover, it s hard to find the right group of people and the informations about sports clubs in Beijing. That’s why, The Beijinger and Paddy O’Sheas, team up to bring you all of this!

This September the 8th from 8pm, all the Paddys sport team will propose a sign up night (a kind of a sport fair). You will be able to meet 11 different sport club, individual or team sport, for boys and girls, for beginners or confirmed…

Football, Rugby, Running, Ice hockey, Darts, Fencing, Gaelic football, Cricket, Handball…
Each team will have a table outside in front of the bar, where they can use it to meet the public. Public can join any team, having information about each club (when do they practice and when do they play, how this sport works, how much it cost, what happen during the season and how long…) and find merchandising.

Even if you are not really a sport fan, All Paddy’s team are very friendly and organize a lot of social events (Horse betting night, Halloween party, Christmas dinner, games, scavenger hunt, pub crawl…) you can always join a sport club as a social members, having fun, meet new people and enjoy the team spirit!

The little secret is that all those sport teams are sponsored by Paddys, means that if you are a member of one of them, you got a discount in your favorite Irish sports bar!!

Happy life 🙂

Come and sign-up for your favorite team or sport  or just come an support and have an awesome night at Paddy O’shea’s!