Royal Wedding

10 reasons to come and watch the Royal wedding at Paddy O’Shea’s

  1. Because your invitation may have gotten lost in the post. However, this Saturday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recommend you go to Paddy’s from 6pm

  1. The Ceremony will start at noon (7pm Paddy’s time) at the St George’s Chapel in Windsor. Then they will take a shortcut to reach St George’s Hall (8pm PT)

  1. Because 600 guests will attend including the Spice Girls, but more importantly who will not be there : – Prince Louis (too young). – The Bride’s father (he used to work for Married with Children TV show). – Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn (who are they anyway?). -Donald Trump (useless for him as Harry is only #6 for the throne). – Obama family (not invited)…

  1. To check whether it is going to rain

  1. To judge the wedding hat contest (we recommend you to bring your own hat to Paddy’s as well and take part)

  1. To see who the bridesmaids and best men are (Will Prince William will return the favour after Prince Harry was his best man in 2011?)

  1. Because rumour has it that the Bride is to make a speech (geeez!)

  1. Because Pubs are allowed to stay open later than usual serving until 1am across England and Wales! (8am Paddy’s Time, a classic on Paddy’s weekend)

  1. Because a Special Wedding Cake will be served at Paddy’s together with Pim’s Cup and special bubbly cocktails

  1. Because PAAAAAAARTY!